Markenburg International Foods Corporation is one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in the Philippines catering to the distinct needs of the market for almost three decades. 

Strategically located on the outskirts of Metro Manila, Markenburg began its operations in 1996 as a marshmallow manufacturer primarily for export. After its successful bid in the international market, Markenburg decided to serve the local market with its quality products by expanding its product line and strengthening its distribution system in the Philippines. Markenburg also began producing compound chocolates for industrial use.

In 2011, Markenburg also established a Packaging Division to continue 40 years of management expertise in the flexible packaging industry. The Packaging Division caters to Markenburg’s in-house requirements as well as the needs of other companies, including but not limited to packaging for snacks, beverages and other household items.

Today, Markenburg is present in over 20 countries and is committed to building long-term partnerships with its customers.


Markenburg efficiently combines the strengths of local expertise with seamless global technologies, with the use of production machinery from Europe and packaging machinery from Japan.

A Commitment to Quality 

Along with Markenburg's unstoppable commitment to create good products that satisfies market needs, the company is consistent in observing good manufacturing practices that protect the company's employees, partners and consumers. Furthering the company's strict quality standards are the stringent quality assurance and in-house microbiological testing that ensure and monitor the safety and quality of all Markenburg products. 

Local Creation, Global Acceptance 

Food Safety

Markenburg is British Retail Consortium (BRC) certified, a global standard for food safety. It is also Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and ISO 22000 aligned, a manifestation of the company’s thrust to employ globally accepted food manufacturing processes.


Markenburg is also a Halal-certified by Halal Development Institute of the Philippines (HDIP) and Prime Certification and Inspection Services Asia Pacific. 

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Markenburg is also Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) certified, showing its commitment to upholding labor standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

MARKENBURG - a sweet addition to your life!