About Us

Markenburg is one of the leading Filipino confectionery manufacturers, catering the distinct needs of the market for more than a two decades.

Strategically located in the outskirts of Metro Manila (Philippines), Markenburg started its operation in 1996 as a manufacturing company of marshmallows primarily for exports. After its successful bid in the international market, Markenburg committed itself to expanding its product line based on the market requirements and decided to provide the local industry with the quality products the international market is enjoying.

Currently, Markenburg is one of the respected food manufacturing companies, and considered one of the growth drivers of the Philippine confectionery industry.

Heightening Competitiveness

Markenburg efficiently combines the strengths of local expertise with seamless global technologies, such as production machinery from Europe and packaging machinery form Japan.

A Commitment to Quality

Along with Markenburg’s unstoppable commitment in customizing its product line according to market needs, the company is consistent in observing good manufacturing practices that protect the company’s employees, partners, and consumers. Furthering the company’s strict quality standards are the stringent quality assurance and in-house microbiological testing that ensure and monitor the safety and quality of all Markenburg products.

Local Creation, Global Acceptance

Markenburg is BRC, British Retail Consortium (ISSUE 7) certified, a Global Standard for Food Safety. Furthermore, Markenburg is GMP certified by Food & Drug Administration (Philippines) and ISO 22000 aligned, a manifestation of the company’s thrust to employ globally accepted food manufacturing processes. The company is also a CERTIFIED HALAL FOOD MANUFACTURER, an indication of Markenburg’s awareness and respect to diverse culture and market. 

Markenburg has the capacity to supply the local and international markets with quality confectionery products. Half of its production is enjoyed by the Philippine food industries, while the other half reaches countries like Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Ireland, Argentina, Colombia, Mauritius, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

All these make Markenburg a sweet addition in your business.